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 Whether you want to heal your heart, improve your money flow, uplevel your career, or attract healthy relationships, you'll receive the guidance and support you need at one of our classes, workshops or Life Makeover events.
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Now online! Attend our monthly women's group. It's free. Receive guidance for mastering your mindset, money & relationships.
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Coming Soon!  Heal Your Heart To Heal Your Finances. Discover the link between an emotionally healthy heart & healthy finances, and more!
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Experience the energy of a live class. Plus, our classes often include live readings and the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding your situation.

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From Heartache To Happiness

If you've been hurting emotionally due to a painful relationship, then attend this free online class that empowers you to break free. You'll discover how to end relationship drama, break toxic ties, and be a woman on fire! Coming Soon.

4 Money Blocks and How To Break Through Them

What are money blocks and how do they obstruct your financial flow? We'll answer those questions, plus reveal 4 money blocks that may be standing between you and your money goals, and tips for breaking through them. Coming Soon.
Watch: Most Important Soul Lesson To Focus On For 2020
Enjoy this replay from our live online event including readings that reveal what lesson each person's soul is learning as they head into 2020, tips for creating a big shift in the new year, and more. We've listed the various segments below that you may want to watch.
Minute 18:15 – Angel Guidance For Abundance
Minute 23:45 – Romance Angels Guidance
Minute 25:45 – Romance Angels Guidance
Minute 32:05 – Angel Guidance For Abundance
Minute 33:45 – Angel Guidance For Abundance
Minute 34:50 – Your Soul's Lesson For 2020
Minute 15:18 - Tip 1
Minute 20:10 - Tip 2
Minute 28:55 - Tip 3
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