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"I can't wait to continue working with Christine because of all the wonderful things she has to offer and to teach ." ~ Amanda Morales
Book a power session below to start healing your heart, your finances & your relationships. Power sessions are provided on a one-time basis. For additional sessions, ask your coach about our comprehensive Life Makeover programs.
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Work with a coach to gain clarity on your goals, uncover obstacles, and receive revelatory Divine guidance for your life.
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Authentic, Empowering Guidance For Upleveling Your Relationships, Money & Career

Business Building For Entrepreneurs

If you dream of owning a holistic/heart-based business, or if you already own a business, this private business building session will provide you with valuable strategies, insights, and Divine guidance for starting or growing your business.  It's the perfect starting point for new business owners or a next-level step for existing business owners.
Format: Phone or In-Person

Courage & Confidence

Work with your coach to uncover hidden blocks to living from your TRUE inner courage and confidence. Together we'll identify your next best steps to take for feeling empowered and confident, and which angel(s) to work with for developing greater confidence that aligns with your true inner nature. Includes angel message.
Format: Phone or In-Person

Healing Heart With The Angels

Receive holistic guidance to begin the emotional healing process. Together we'll work to determine next best steps for your emotional healing, and uncover hidden obstacles to the peaceful path or resolution you desire. The session is ideal if you're experiencing divorce, break-up, or other painful situation. Includes angel message.
Format: Phone or In-Person

Life Purpose Guidance

In this interactive session with a Spiritual Coach, you'll work to gain clarity on your purpose, identify barriers that may be standing between you and fulfilling your purpose, receive Divine guidance, and determine next steps for moving into your purpose. Includes angel message.
Format: Phone or In-Person

Money Makeover

Clarify your vision for your financial future; uncover hidden blocks to attracting more money into your life, determine next best steps for manifesting more money, and receive angel guidance for increasing your abundance. Includes angel message.
Format: Phone or In-Person

Relationship Success

Understand how to develop healthy relationships with yourself and the people in your life. This is a powerful session to begin to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships, increase motivation for achieving your goals, and feel better about yourself. Includes angel message.
Format: Phone or In-Person
The Ultimate Life Makeover
2020 Epic Makeover: Be a Part of Our Exclusive Program
You could become part of a select group of women to participate in Healing House's Epic Life Makeover For 2020 for creating positive shifts in your Relationships, Money and Career.
We will select 9 women to participate in this exclusive program and you could be one of them!

The enrollment period for this program has ended. Click here to book a private intro session.
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